Industry service

If a machine comes to a standstill, every step you take needs to be right. Time is the most important resource in manufacturing. In machinery and plant engineering in particular, it is necessary to cover service hours around the world – but the organisation itself often cannot manage that. The industry specialists in the technical service centre are familiar with the requirements of industrial companies and offer a reliable and professional emergency service for machines.
After-sales service as a competitive advantage
  • Emergency service for machines (24-hour standby) delivered on behalf of the contracting authority
  • Queries and technical problems are filtered and/or expertly resolved (to a defined contract)
  • Organisation and management of technicians
  • International customer support in the relevant language
  • Highly accurate data analysis for quality control
  • Relief at peak/off-peak times or as a full-service option
  • Active marketing support and advice for the design of services