Service Card

You or an authorised person can top up the Service Card quickly with any desired amount by phoning a 24/7 hotline from anywhere in Europe. The amount of credit is added in just a few minutes at the touch of a button via a web portal. The Europe Net Service Card can be used for payment by entering a PIN. The total amount is charged directly to the customer. Any credit that is not required is automatically removed from the card.
Truck assistance and after-sales service
  • Complete protection against theft: the credit balance can be topped up only by you or an authorised person. The card cannot be used to withdraw money from cash machines. It is therefore protected against improper use.
  • Europe-wide payment method
  • A clearer overview of expenditure: only you can request a top up of the credit balance, which means you can keep track of your expenditure.
  • Security of use: the Europe Net Service Card can be used for breakdown recovery and garage repair services and also at fuel stations in Germany and abroad. The prepaid credit cannot be used for any other purpose.